Botellas Sensorial para Mindfulness con los Jóvenes

Emily Rodriguez is an MBWP Certified Teacher. Although originally from Puerto Rico, she currently runs a private string studio in Peru ...
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Unexpected Mindfulness

Dr. Eric Dickson is Assistant Professor of Music, teaching trumpet at Truman State University and a certified MBWP teacher. Before ...
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You are already enough – thoughts on self-compassion to a recent student

A few months ago, you found me after class to talk about your racing mind. You shared your frustrations about ...
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Meditation and Mindfulness: Thoughts from a New Music Teacher

Holly Brown is an elementary band teacher in Connecticut and a certified MBWP teacher.   Senior year of high school ...
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On dojos, mindfulness, and music education

Dr. Lisa Martin is an Assistant Professor of Music Education at Bowling Green State University, where she teaches undergraduate and ...
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Mindfulness and Musical Perfectionism – the hidden costs of chasing after an unexamined illusion

What is perfection? If someone asked you to describe your own idea of perfection, what would you say? For many ...
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Why attention matters – musings on investigating meditation with musicians

A couple of years ago, I received an invitation to present on the topic of music and mindfulness for a ...
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Meditation for Musicians – A basic guide

I am often approached by musicians who are interested in learning more about how mindfulness can benefit their work. I've written ...
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Five things I learned after five weeks of teaching mindfulness to teachers

Earlier this spring, after years of research and personal practice, I decided to finally put my thoughts together and offer ...
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Stress and Mindful Teaching – beyond content and pedagogy in teacher training

At the last National Association for Music Education (NAfME) research conference, I gave a short presentation on the need for ...
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Three breaths – re-engaging during practice and rehearsals

A recent conversation with my colleague Sharon Paul demonstrated to me how powerful even a simple mindfulness-based technique can be ...
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Perfection, rumination, and process – using mindfulness to deal with musical perfectionism

I am a recovering musical perfectionist. I wasn’t always like this, but somewhere along the way, play became rigor and ...
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Mindless versus mindful practice – the benefits of a nuanced and self-reflective approach

In today’s fast-paced and over-stimulating world, few of us feel like we have the luxury to stop, breathe, and take ...
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Befriending performance anxiety

For my first post, I want to deal with the topic of performance anxiety. Almost every musician I know has ...
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The initial stages of MBWP are focused on developing physiological regulation and embodied grounding as a means of aiding meditative practice and artistic expression. Working with our breath and bodies helps to calm our nervous system, facilitating our ability to anchor our awareness in the present moment.

During the middle stages of the curriculum, concentration and awareness are cultivated through mindful and deliberate exploration of our senses, emotions, and patterns of thought, leading to greater clarity, stability, and equanimity.

As we non-judgmentally examine our habitual ways of feeling, thinking, and acting, we gain insight into how our perceptions color reality, giving us the opportunity to let go of unfruitful ways of experiencing and responding to ourselves and others. We then work on reframing our experiences such that they are aligned with our personal values.

During the final stages of MBWP training, after reducing our reactivity through mindful awareness, we develop the capacity to act intentionally in the world, using our experiences, aspirations, values, and ethics as a compass for wise and compassionate action.

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